Stick It On

Urban Arts Academy
March 17, 2017
Pro Direct Soccer Academy
March 17, 2017

Does your little one fancy a go at DJing? Well, now’s their chance! Stick It On was born through a love of eclectic “choons” and a party vibe that is never, EVER elite. Rebelling against the ‘Superstar DJ’ phenomenon, Stick It On kicked off a club night where the clubbers became as involved as the DJ… In fact they were the DJs. Today, the Stick It On ethos continues: anyone with a good ear can DJ and at Funk The Family, with a little help from a technician, your kiddiewinks too can grace the wheels of steel! To get involved, download the Stick It On app from Googe Play: or search for ‘Stick It On’ on iTunes’ app store.

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